Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Holy Pallet Garden, Batman!

Pallet Garden
Now that we had a good soaking rain last week, the pallet garden is getting into the swing of things...
I've been eating salad every day from our plentiful Romaine lettuce patch.  That's squash in the middle of it which will continue after the lettuce has bolted.

Pallet Garden http://muttnut.blogspot.com/

And my herbs are doing well.  I've got tons of cilantro and parsley now.  I need to make more Mexican food to use up the cilantro before it gets too hot.

Pallet Garden

Pallet GardenI figured out that the sprinklers weren't hitting the cucumbers.  So now that I'm watering them regularly, they should start to grow.  I can't wait to see how they do on the pallet trellis.

Pallet Garden

Cabbages are growing big.  I hope they finish before it gets too hot.  I will definitely plant them this fall so they'll have a longer growing period.

Pallet Garden

 and the wee watermelons are slowly popping up

Pallet Garden

Fuji is helping to show you the potatoes and carrots.  They are growing insanely!

Pallet Garden

The potatoes are starting to flower.  I hope that means they're almost ready!

Until next time...

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Lori said...

A good use of pallets. I am looking forward to pics of the plants climbing up the trellis as well. I may have to give this a try next summer.

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