Thursday, January 14, 2016

Texas Temperature Scarf

I've seen the Temperature Scarf patterns out there where you knit 2 rows for each day of the year with the color corresponding to the temperature outside.  However, for Texas, we'd be red most of the year and some temperatures aren't even covered.  So I developed my own chart and pattern.  (Warning, the language is slightly, but appropriately, naughty).

Download the pdf
Or read the instructions below and squint at the tiny chart photo.

Needles – any size (US 8 would be fine)
Yarn – raid your stash for colors shown in chart while trying to be consistent with yarn weight (worsted would work fine if you don’t know where to start)

January 1st:
Cast on with the color yarn that corresponds with high temperature of the day
(If using US 8 and worsted, cast on ~15-20 stitches.  If using bigger or smaller needles, adjust accordingly.)

Every day of the year:
Knit two rows in the color yarn that corresponds with high temperature of the day

December 31st:
After knitting the day’s rows, bind off.

Wear your scarf because it’s probably blue out there!

I'll let you know how mine turns out when I'm done.


Jenny said...

Hey Becky,

Thanks so much for putting together a "Temperature Chart" for Texas temps. I was about to start doing that myself and decided to have a hunt for one first. I'm using your chart for my Temperature Blanket (using the mitered square pattern so I can learn something new).

Have an awesome day!


MuttNut said...

I'd love to see it when you're done!

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