Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cheesemaking frustrations

I want to do a quality job at making my own cheese.  I am a well organized person.  Apparently, cheesemaking involves both perfection and chaos.  Everyone makes the same cheese a different way, different recipes, different amounts, etc.  I'm pretty sure my moon has to be in its 7th house and Jupiter aligned with Mars to get a cheese to taste like it's supposed to.

There's no clear instructions.  There's a big ol' list of posts from cheesemakers at, but nothing is well organized.  You really have to dig to find things.  Then when you find it, it's all different!  AAAGGG!

I am currently compiling a list of resources for someone in my shoes to use.  If you didn't have as much time and patience as me, you'd just give up.  You're introduced to cheesemaking using one set of rules, then if you want to do it right, there's another set, and you could keep getting more and more complicated.  I want to know the right way to do it, whether that involves expensive equipment or not.

Please won't someone show me the way?!

Clearly, I'm frustrated.  I am currently attempting to make a Jarlsberg.  My first cheese with eyes.  Lots of different methods out there.  I've been finding 3 recipes, comparing them, and doing a happy medium of them.  Who knows if it will turn out right.

I'd like a book or resource that will tell me, if you do this, that happens, if you do that, this happens, etc.  Then I could devise my own cheese and understand the recipes out there.   Maybe one of these days I will find my answer.  Until then, I'll stumble along.

Maybe I'll just make the same cheese over and over.  But if I'm doing the wrong thing, I won't find out for at least 2 months because the first one I screw up won't be ready until then.

I think I'm just going to chill out and experiment.  Yeah, I think that will make me the least crazy.

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