Sunday, October 14, 2012

My First Yarn

With a lot of practice and errors, I have finally spun wool into yarn.  Yay me!!

homespun yarn

The pile of mess on the left is pretty much unsalvageable unless I want to hurt my neck looking down to fix it.  The balls on the right are my finished product.  I *might* be able to get a hat out of it.

My production at this point is 50% usable.  But that was my very first try.  I think I did pretty well!

I found a couple places online that sell wool roving for around $1.25/oz.  The orange you see above was $7/oz.  So, I think I'll mess around with the plain old, non-dyed, not so soft roving.  Once I perfect that, I'll get the nicer stuff.  I just can't see paying that much for a pile that looks like what's on the left.

I give spinning my own yarn 4 buttons up - it's challenging for my neck, I can only do short periods at a time, but it's lots of fun and very rewarding knowing I can make something from nothing.
4 buttons up

Neck update

I got a new MRI done recently at a different location.  Apparently this place is more thorough because they found 10 bulging discs in my neck and upper back.  About 4 of them are actually pressing on something.  I didn't get a lumbar (lower back) MRI, but who knows what I've got going on down there.  The orthopedic nurse practitioner did not listen to me.  I was more knowledgeable about the spine and what was going on than she was. I had to correct her three times when she tried to say "atlanto-axial" which is the name of the top joint of the spine.  Something you'd think she'd know how to say.  I gave up correcting her and told her just say A-A joint.

I'm going back to Dr. Turner with the new MRI results.  He recently went to a conference and has some new ideas of how to help me.  Crossing fingers!

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