Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Becky's Pallet Garden

pallet garden
I've been planning and working on my garden for over a month now getting it all ready to go for when it's a little warmer.  I decided to go with pallet gardening.  It was much easier than the rock wall I was thinking of making.  And, you can get pallets for free!  You know me, all about the cheap stuff.

I made this plan with my graphic editor.  You can roughly get the idea.

garden plan

We don't have a truck, so we rented a U-haul trailer and got a bunch of pallets that someone was giving away on craigslist.  There is always somebody getting rid of pallets for free.

free pallets from craigslist
My husband in his Elmer Fudd hat.
It's been unseasonably cold this year.

Pallet garden

I stapled landscape fabric on the bottoms and sides of the pallets to keep the dirt in and the weeds out.  For my carrots, they'll be 3 pallets deep since they grow down.

landscape fabric

We got our "clean" dirt from Fertile Garden, just down the road.  They were very nice and helpful.  We even got the military discount for previous military service.

It's the herb mix which is actually very light.  It's best for contained gardens since it won't compact over time.

It kind of looks like we have a couple bodies buried in the back yard.

Clean dirt

Squirrel treed by dogs

Gardening is a great way to spend quality time with the dogs, too.

Everything is still getting fixed up and arranged, so our yard is a bit in disarray right now.  Little by little, we'll be ready for the first planting - carrots!

Here's an attempt at a panoramic photo of my yard:

pallet garden

Now, just need to finish stapling fabric on, arrange pallets, add soil and plant seedlings.  My husband does the heavy lifting since my neck's still not quite up to the task.

See my next blog post on how to cheaply start seeds indoors.

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