Saturday, January 26, 2013

Fresh Eggs and Mushrooms Are Sooooo Good!

Fresh mushroom in hands
There is no comparison when using fresh ingredients to store bought.  What's even better than fresh ingredients?  Two different fresh ingredients.  Mushrooms and Eggs

A while back, I gave my husband a mushroom growing kit, from Willhite Seed, since he's fascinated by mushrooms.  They are ready to harvest!  Just in the past two days, they made their little mushroom heads and grew to edible size.

Here's yesterday:

home grown mushrooms

And here's today:
home grown mushrooms

home grown mushrooms
 Another crop will be ready for harvest in about a week.
home grown mushrooms

And yesterday, my friend Gabi who shears Alpacas (Shear Diligence), gave me a dozen fresh eggs.  Yay!  They are from ameraucana chickens, that are derived from the native South American Araucana.  The unique thing about these chickens is that they lay colored eggs, mostly green and blue, but there's a pink one in there, too.

fresh ameraucana eggs

Gabi said that they stopped producing over the winter, but they're starting up again with the warm weather (80F yesterday, in January!).

fresh ameraucana eggs

fresh ameraucana eggs
 The yolks in these eggs were larger and darker than store bought eggs.
mushroom omelette

Of course, we had a mushroom omelette this morning for breakfast.  Holy cow, it was good! The eggs were creamy smooth, and the mushrooms absorbed the salt in the butter to be just right.  We sighed after we ate and felt sorry for everyone else that couldn't enjoy our omelette.

I am seriously considering asking my neighbors if they would keep it hush hush if we got some chickens.  We would of course bribe them with fresh eggs.  We're not allowed anything that is not considered a normal, domesticated pet because of our home owners association.  In city limits (of which we are outside), you're allowed to have 3 hens.  I think we'd be good with 3 hens.  We'd have to have a good pen though so that Julep doesn't eat them.

No question, hands down, 5 buttons up for fresh ingredients!

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