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How to Knit a Super Dog Sweater

How to Knit a Super Dog Sweater
It's a bird, it's a dog, it's...Super Spec!
Find out how to make your own Super Dog Sweater in this blog post...

How to Knit a Super Dog Sweater

I based this sweater off of the Red Heart Dog Sweater Knitting Pattern.

Some words of advice when using this pattern.

  • If using cheap acrylic yarn (like I did), knit the sweater about 3 sizes smaller than normal.  It stretches a lot!
  • If you have fancy yarn that doesn't stretch out over time, knit it one size smaller than recommended or it will still be too big.
  • Knit the collar as a turtle neck adding about 2-3" more in the first ribbing section.
  • Since you're knitting the sweater smaller and the neck longer, bind off the neck very loosely using this technique
  • It doesn't tell you this until you're in the middle of the pattern, but you'll need to make a couple extra little balls of yarn to shape the leg openings.  You'll have 3 balls total for the middle section (yellow) color. You'll need enough yarn in the extra two balls to knit the 1-3" for the leg openings.


    How to Knit a Super Dog Sweater
  • To make it easier, I broke the color changes up with sections in the pattern.
  • Blue = 1st ribbing and 1st needles
  • Switch to Yellow at 1st needle change
  • Start Red at "Shape Back" section
  • I used Red for the leg opening rib
  • Yellow for the edging of the body
  • Red and Yellow for the cape 
How to Knit a Super Dog Sweater
How to Knit a Super Dog Sweater
  • I picked up 11 stitches (using a crochet hook) for the top of the cape right under the blue. 
  • If you're not sure how to do that, you can just sew it with a seam later.
  • From there I did stockinette stitch
  • Inc 1 each side on k rows (RS)
  • Inc until you like the width, then continue in st st until you like the length, inserting the letter towards the center


    How to Knit Letters
  • Since his name is Spec, the "S" was appropriate for Super Spec.
  • I thought about doing 2 S's for Super Spec, but it was too small a space.
  • You can do whatever letter you like
  • There are tons of cross-stitch alphabet patterns out there.  Here are a couple of sites where you can find them.
  •   I used this one from the first link on Chem Knits at VickiDesigns.
Using the chart is simpler than it looks.  You'll do just like in cross-stitch.  
    How to Knit Letters
  • At the point in the cape where you want to start the letter, find the middle stitch in the cape.
  • Count find the middle "stitch" in the letter you'll use
  • Count out from there.
  • For example: 
    • How to Knit Letters
    • if I start the "S" when there are 21 stitches in the cape (not saying you should or not start there)
    • the center stitch would be 11 (10 on each side of that stitch)
    • There are 7 stitches in the "S"
    • So, the 4th stitch of the "S" should be at stitch #11 in your cape.
    • You would knit in Red until you get to the first stitch in the "S", #8
    • Change to Yellow for the "S"
    • And back to Red for the cape, and so on
    • Work in k and p rows
    • Optional: I tacked down the bottom a little so that my other dog won't use the cape as a means to drag Spec around the house.
How to Knit Letters
How to Knit a Super Dog SweaterHow to Knit a Super Dog Sweater 

There you have it!  It may seem complicated at first, but really, it's not that bad if you know a little about knitting.

How to Knit a Super Dog SweaterHow to Knit a Super Dog Sweater

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