Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pallet Garden Update Mar 13, 2013

pallet garden
Here's another pallet garden update.  Things are going well...
Nothing yet from the tomatoes, so I planted a bunch more seeds.  Lesson: don't put whey (from cheesemaking) in your garden if you have dogs.  Whey is acidic and excellent for tomatoes, but dogs LOVE whey.
pallet garden
We have no tomatoes today.

carrots pallet gardenCarrots looking really good.
sage pallet gardenThat's a little sage plant in there with the carrots.  They're supposed to keep away carrot bugs.
potato plants pallet gardenPotatoes! From my friend Jenny.  You can see where I labeled them on the pallet.  I love that about the pallets.
cilantro pallet garden
My cilantro from seeds - has a little baby sprout.

herbs pallet garden
And, ok, I cheated a little and bought some plants.  They had really healthy looking herbs at HEB (a TX grocery store)
herbs pallet garden

wildflowers pallet garden
My wildflower memorial garden for Pedro and Sheila.  I also put some oregano I got at HEB in there.

lettuce pallet garden
And beautiful lettuce and squash.  
I really like this pallet with its three sections.

Romaine lettuce pallet garden
Romaine Lettuce -
it looks like lettuce now!

squash pallet garden
Mystery squash -
won't know until it produces which kind it is.
pallet gardenNothing from the watermelon yet

cucumbers pallet garden
 Regular cucumbers
pickling cucumbers pallet garden
Pickling cucumbers - notice the label.

basil seedlings pallet garden

little baby basil sprouts

cabbage and dill pallet garden
 cabbage and little dill
cabbage pest pallet garden
something was eating on this cabbage

One thing about the garden is that since it's above ground, it needs lots of water.  I think the pallet helps to shade and keep some of the water from evaporating unlike in a fully open bed.  With the drought in TX, I hope these guys will hold on and grow!  Granted, I got drought resistant varieties of all that I could get.

That's my update.  Enjoying my little pallet garden.  It's really low maintenance.

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