Monday, November 11, 2013

Becky's Guide to Cutting Food

Kitchen Chef's Knife
Ever wonder what they mean by cubing, slicing, or dicing?  Never knew there was a difference?  Well, this blog post will show you what each of the cooking cutting terms mean.

Cube: to cut food into cubes o
Chop: cutting food roughly, into bite-sized pieces  
Dice: to cut food into small cubes o
Food GraterFinely diced: to cut food into tiny cubes:  o
Mince: to cut food into tiny pieces: o

Grate: To reduce a large piece of food to small particles or thin shreds by rubbing it against a coarse, serrated surface o (like the grater in the picture to the right)  

Shred: to cut food into thin, narrow strips by hand or by (larger holes) grater

Slice: to slice food by cutting along width about ¼ inch m

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