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McLeod's Daughters Drinking Game

McLeod's Daughters Drinking GameYou know I like to knit and spin wool and other fibers.  So someone turned me on to this Australian show about women who run a sheep and cattle ranch. The show is completely addictive and now on Netflix.   Even my husband watches it, but won't admit it. This game will keep you entertained long after the feasibility of the plots expire. (Spoiler alert! If you haven't made it through the end of season 3, do not read this!)

There's 244 episodes, so you're in for a long ride.  I don't know what I'll do when I finish the series. The first three seasons are a good show.  The later in the series it gets, the more ridiculous the plots (but you still can't stop watching it!). They are also highly repetitive, hence my drinking game.

You can make this a drinking game with whatever you like to drink. The drink can contain alcohol or not. (I'm not your mother, so you're responsible for your own actions!)
McLeod's Daughters Drinking Game
You can even do what we do and give out small treats to our dogs every time something happens, instead of drinking.  (I recommend green beans, frozen peas, or popcorn since they're low in calories and cheap - and yes dogs do love them).

I laughed and laughed and my husband was mad when they finally killed off the last remaining original cast member (I don't count Moira since she was a bit part early on). My husband woke up the next morning, first words out of his mouth were, "A tree?!"

It'll take some time to find your drink and come back home.

Here's a list of what happens that is deserving of a drink (or whatever).

1 drink if:

  • Somebody leaves a gate open.
  • The farm is threatened to be sold or destroyed.
  • Drought or lack of water is a plot.
  • Someone sabotages someone else's farm, animals, or deals.
  • A Scooby Doo plot or scheme emerges.
  • Someone cries.
  • They stop referring to Gungellan and start talking about Fischer.
  • They try a new crop, animal, or breed.
  • Going organic makes everything that much worse.
  • Anyone says: Krike, Right-O, or Stuffed Up (careful not to drink too much with the last one.)

2 drinks if:

    McLeod's Daughters Drinking Game
  • There is a car accident.
  • There is a freak accident.
  • Someone almost dies.
  • Some out of the blue, far fetched event causes someone to leave town for good.
  • A long lost relative appears. (not a McLeod)
  • You hate the new person they got to replace the character that died or left.
  • A new woman shows up, you think she might be a lesbian, then turns out she's not (statistically unlikely).
  • Any woman shows up and starts to live on Drover's.
  • A character gets pregnant (real or fake).
  • A character loses the baby (real or fake).
  • Alex says Right-O
3+ drinks if:
  • Someone dies.
  • A new McLeod's daughter appears.
  • A love triangle emerges.
  • You come to like the new person they got to replace the character that died or left.
  • Someone on the show is pregnant (in real life).
  • You start saying Australian words and using the accent without knowing it. (Good on yah!)
McLeod's Daughters Drinking GameI'll keep adding them as I think of them.  Let me know your favorites, and I might just add them to the list!

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Unknown said...

Every word of Becky's blog entry is true. Warning: Choose your accompanying drink wisely.

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