Monday, July 16, 2012

Stirred Curd Cheddar is Whey Better

My Stirred Curd Cheddar is mutt better than the Jack cheese I made.  It helps when I don't leave the house while I'm supposed to be checking on the cheese.

Here it is in a slideshow:

heat milkheat milk

 Heated 1/2 gallon milk in crockpot first

heat milk
Then set it outside to stay warm (90F)

Calcium Chloride Cheesemaking
 Added my Calcium Chloride

cheese culture starter

Added mesophilic starter
cheese culture starter
Set 45min

cheese ladle
 I did not even know that I had a cheese curd ladle.  
I thought it was for frying.

Added my rennet

Set 45min

test curd clean break
 Look at that fabulous clean break!

cut cheese curdscut cheese curdscut cheese curds

  Cut the cheese

cut cheese curds
Curds a forming

Stirred Curd Cheddar
Set, stir, heat, set, stir, heat, repeat for 1.5 hours!  That'd be why it's called Stirred Cheddar

Cheese press
Weights and waits 

It's so beautiful!
 unwrap, flip, wrap, weight, wait, repeat

Everything was all balanced and set.  A
As soon as I laid down for a break, I heard a cuh dunk.

Cheese press

Got my cheese jenga set back up and will sit for 24 hours.


It came out of the press beautifully.  Now waiting for it to dry.  Then wax, then wait...

stirred curd cheddarstirred curd cheddar

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