Monday, July 9, 2012

My Olfa Circle Cutter - Fun!!!

So my fav fav sewing tool is my Olfa Circle Cutter. Why do I love it so?

Olfa circle cutter

  • It's fast - takes 2 seconds to cut a circle
  • It's easy - use only 1 hand
  • Cuts paper to leather
  • Cuts sizes 1.5-8.75"
  • $10-20
  • I love circles
Olfa circle cutter
I highly recommend it!

Of course 5 buttons up

Neck Update

The pain is back, as you can see from my recent posts.  I'm back to lying on my back with my head partially hanging off the bed.  For today, that's my most comfortable position.  I also use my handy dandy tablet holder to use my little Acer netbook while lying upside down.

My neck status changes on a daily basis.  I'm hoping tomorrow will be better because my cheese making kit gets here soon!

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